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Summer of Phygitals

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Boson Pink Flamingo

Boson Guardians Flamingo

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Hey, any way to minimize the clipping with arms?

Hey there @Yannakis, I created these ones and I’m sorry but we cant do that since it does not look the same. I reduced it a little before submission but it doesnt feel like a tube if I do that :sweat_smile:

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Took a second look in-game and these look incredible… Could you please just change the picture to display the character wearing the eyewear and top head so its not misleading? Also if you could lower the flamingos just a tiny bit so it doesnt clip with the arms when running ill approve asap!

will lower the flamingos as soon as possible, will try to do something about the thumbnail however I dont know if neccessary becauase when you enter to view the obejct you can try it on there.

Will let you know when updated @Yannakis

Collection approved! @Lauretta amazing work as always!