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Summer Festival 2021

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Festival Shirt

Festival Skirt

Festival Hat

Festival Glasses

checking these out now :+1:

Hey, these look great!

There are some issues though.

  1. hairstyles are clipping through the hat. What we usually do with hats that cover the hair is to include a hairstyle that doesn’t clip within the wearable, and then ‘‘hide’’ hair in the builder so people can’t choose a hairstyle that interferes with the hat.

  2. And for the hat and the glasses you should probably add some categories of wearables to the hide or replace section. Because many of the different wearable categories will clip with the hat and glasses. Such as helmet and mask

  3. Looks like the skirt was made specifically for the female avatar, which has a higher waist than the male version. So if you want the skirt for the male too you have to edit it to match the male avatar. Otherwise you should make it a female only wearable

  4. Lastly, the thumbnail for the skirt and the shirt don’t look too great, you should upload a custom thumbnail that shows them off a bit better. The automatic thumbnail removes skin materials, so right now the shirt has a big white area as you can see. And the skirt isnt centered properly.

@Chestnutbruze hey these have been updated and the previews. Because of the festival being so close, if some of these are good and not others, is it possible to approve the ones that you consider good to go? :pray:

Hey @JamesA I can only approve the entire collection as once, not individual pieces. But as far as I can tell there is only 1 thing that remains to be changed. The skinning on the shirt, parts of it are skinned to the leg joint which causes some funny movements, if you can fix this fast I can approve the entire collection

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@Chestnutbruze Hey this has now been fixed so hopefully it’s all ready to approve :pray:

Great, approved! :+1:

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