Collection 'Suave chic by Keching' created by keching#5486 is ready for review!

Should be approved! @keching

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Thank you Ioannis!

I checked “Try On” and there is a significant difference! I have made further improvements to the back again and have uploaded the new model so that it appears even better! Looking forward to your review.

Also, may I ask if changes made to my model affects already minted items or affects only items minted after changes?

It is tedious and may be a few rounds of it but still I want to say a very big thank you every time you help me to review.

So thank you again.


Hello Ioannis!

I pushed changes to my collection about 18 hours ago. Looking forward to your review!

That said, I am waiting patiently for my turn if my unique circumstance surrounding the “Try On” feature adds to your load.

Thank you in advance.

looks great, approved!

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Thank you so very much as always!

And I am really appreciating the tips you provided above about where to paint blue and paint red respectively. I can’t get enough of getting the perfect weight paint! Even my fistpump in Builder looks so much better than my original model!

Just improved on the model again cuz the back is a wee bit off. I hope this is the last for this jacket and then I can replicate the weight paint for my other jacket! Looking forward to your review!

Once again, I appreciate all the little things you have helped me with!


Hello Ioannis! Please help me to approve changes when you have a minute or two ya!

Thank you in advance!

Approved the changes!

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