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Atlantis Trident

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Consider lowering the amount of tris to 500 max.
  2. Consider adding an actual tiara to the design so that it doesn’t fall into misleading category issue.
  3. Consider shortening the pole:


Hey @AndreusAs

Thanks for reviewing this collection.
Points 1 and 3 are adjusted but we cannot add the tiara in 500 tris along with the trident.
We have already reduced it to 500 tris and shortened it. There isn’t any appropriate category for hand-held items/weapons so we decided to choose Tiara.
Can you please review it again and let us know if that’s working now?


You can extend to 700 tris and add a very simplistic tiara.


@AndreusAs Done! Please have a look.

Hey, collection approved!

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