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Stoner Eye Genesis

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Stoner Eyes


I searched for a item like this in the marketplace but couldnt find any so I thought I make one myself.

I had a lot of laughs while doing it and I think it looks pretty funny xD

Please let me know if there are any things to update :slight_smile:


Hope we can see through this stoned eys soon! #420


DANK! I really need that

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Cant wait to win some poker with these eyes :rofl:

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The talent is DCL is so amazing!

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Looks damn good, those eyes sure can see through every thing :wink:


I need these so badly :heart:

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Thanks everyone for their contribution, it means a lot to me <3

Are these already approved?

No ser, currently waiting for a mod to review it

@Lauretta can you take a look for me? :>

Anyone available to review it today? :slight_smile:

Cmon moderators, I need this :>

I need to look stoned ASAP! :broccoli:

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Good morning everyone, somebody up for a review?

collection approved!

Thank you so much <3

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