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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey! Please remove all hiding categories, thank you!
Also, thumbnails should have transparent background

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Well noted ! we will amend it asap, thanks a lot!

We already fixed these issues, please have a look, thanks a lot ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @stir both of wearables seems to be broken in-world (you can test wearables in-world if you will click three dots in collection menu)

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But I can’t access the world thru the in-world function, just stuck on loading screen . Do you know what’s the matter caused this issues ?

btw what’s the problem cause to broken ? I can preview both well inside the editor . Thanks a lot .

dunno, probably your skeleton have bones with _end suffix (you will need to delete them all), or issue may be in something else…

The collection have been amended. It should be work now. Please have a look. Thank you. :smiley:

Hey @stir there is an issue with neck weight painting

also, hand normals seems to be inverted + there is a hole on neck back part

issue with pants, please assign marked area to 1 to hip bone

The issues are fixed. Please check it again. Thanks a lot. :bowing_woman:

Hey @stir neck part still have issues, i recommend you to assign marked area to 1 to neck bone

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This is the first time I have made clothes in DCL. I appreciate your help very much. We have already fixed the issues you mentioned. Please have a look!

As we need a bit of luck to access the in-world for testing, we have no luck now, so we can’t re-access it for testing.

Hey @stir all good with neck now, but i noticed last one small issue that needs to be fixed
there is a small hole between pants and shirt, can you do a fix for shirt please?

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Hey, quick fixed, pls check again , thanks you :slightly_smiling_face:

collection approved!

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