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Steampunk Closet

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**Steampunk Top Hat **

  • Description: Fancy yourself a Steampunk Top Hat? Then look no further!
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: hat

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Hey, cool hat!
It looks good, but i’d suggest adding some more categories to the overrides. Such as helmet and tiara, as they will probably clip with this.

Hi Chestnutbruze

Great feedback! I added those items into the categories overrides, and also added masks with the same thought in mind. Please let me know if there is anything else I could provide.

Thanks much!

Hi Chestbutbruze, I have one additional question; Would I need to resubmit this wearable? Or is this asset still considered under review? Thanks much!

no need to resubmit, i’m approving it right now :+1:

Thank you! Much appreciated