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SPD - Helmet/mask

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Looks like serious business there! I like it.

The helmet/mask for the SPD uniform. This is a companion to the SPD vest/undershirt @SPD. It will be a proper organisation with rank etc hoping to make it a proper community project. Any enquires are welcome.

that looks awesome like a SWAT team

The helmet is cool.
The website says memberships.
When is that and what does that offer

Thanks Dlandgirl! the mathcing uniform will be awesome when and if approved. Hopefully no issues.
Memberships will be available once I get the uniform complete. WIll offer access to the game and other things i am working on for the SPD.

BUMP for review along with SPD as the two are a pair

From the rear, apologies for the dark background, it is very detailed

Nice. Hopefully the games are fun. How much will the uniform cost.

Yes Metababy the games will be fun! Who doesn’t like a good zombie fight! Uniform will be affordable. 5 MANA for each piece. Want this to be a community project for all, not just those with plenty of spare cash!

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Bump for review with accompanying collection’SPD’. Keen to get the project off the and unable to do so without the uniform! Really appreciate it.

@Faz Hi there, reviewing now.

It doesn’t currently show up in editor;

I do apologize …. I will sort it out straight away


Hey there. Sorry about that. Hopefully ive gone through the right processes and fixed it, thank you so much. FAZ. And hopefully the ‘SPD’ upper body is good to go!

And this is available with the vest I hope

@Malloy, hopefully the helmet is fixed for approval! thank you again

@Faz still waiting? Keen to buy. WHy not available?

It is still on its way. The person originally employed to complete the project did a poor job, so its currently in the hands of someone to make sure it is Dland compatible. But hang on its coming. As are membership NFTs.

@Malloy I can imagine you’re busy and I do apologise but was hoping you could check this one out to see if it is good to go? a million thank you’s

Hey @Faz ! looks like the head is not on its place.

Please read the wearable guide , you will find more info regarding cuts

Important: Do not modify the “cuts” or the “stitches” between categories (unless you want to create an unusual “floating head” effect or something similar).


Please tag me when you are ready!