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Mad Joint (plus size)


Hi guys, this is my first wearable! Let me know what you think about it :blush:

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Nice! This joint was projected by me in each detail, starting from the filter, ending with the ash.

You bought it already ready, right? :wink:

I wasted a few hours with the designer to get him to do this.

Quality was not acceptable for me, I hope committee will be more benevolent than me, I’m a real fussy, I know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For example:

Hey @METArtisan, I do like that part in particular. This girl is just taking a drag in that moment :slight_smile:

You may like it, for me it is just an unsolicited mistake :grin:


Thanks for the comment - appreciate that!
For me, it’s a common imperfection that joints can have but let’s see what the committee says :slight_smile:

Hey, approving it now :+1:

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