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Hey, cool snowman suit!

There’s some skinning issues with the outfit though.

  1. There’s some distortion on the bottom button on the front of the outfit, this occurs whenever the character is walking of jumping, so most of the time. You have to adjust the skinning to lessen the distortion.

  2. There’s also some distortion happening on the inner portion of the stick arms, looks like some vertices are skinned differently than the rest of the arms.

  3. Looks like the inside of the mouth doesnt have any faces, so you can see through the head. This part needs to be filled in. You can add geometry there and make it black for instance.



I have already fixed all your comments and resubmitted a new version of it :ok_hand:

Best Guille

While waiting here some images

Hey, sorry about the long wait!

One more thing though, currently we do not allow full body avatars, so the wearable has to be split up into upper_body, which can include everything except for the head. And the head has to be submitted independently as a helmet or hat.

Hi @Chestnutbruze ,

No worries, I know you are really busy these days.

I decided to go with a full body avatar since I saw that recently some have been approved. Forgive if I am mistaken but I thought it could be done, if it is something that I am missing I’ll do my best to fix it.

Here some examples of what I saw: Decentraland - Marketplace
Decentraland - Marketplace

Hi again,

I followed your advice and modified the wearable. Now I have the body (upper body) and the head (helmet) but I tried to add both to the existing collection I have published but it cannot be done, I could not find the option to add more than one item. Does it mean I need to publish this collection with either the head or body and then create a new collection and publish the other part?

In case we have to publish another collection, will you review it? or shall we mention you?

For now I left the collection as it was, a full body wearable since I could not add both new parts upper body and helmet to replace the full body.


Hey, for now it’s not possible to add more items to an existing collection. So you have to publish a new collection including the head independently. If you do, tag me in the comments and I will review it soon as i see it

@Chestnutbruze thank you so much.

I have already changed the existing collection to have only the head and published a new one for the body.

Here the link: Collection ‘Snowman Body’ created by 0xc951…f2b3f is ready for review! - Community Wearables - Decentraland

Best Guille

Hey, sorry for the wait. approved both now :+1:

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas!