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Sneakers LOWP

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Skull Sneakers

Neoonwave Sneakers

Pyre Pals Sneakers

Froggy Sneakers


Taking a look now :slight_smile:

Hey LowpolyStore! :slight_smile: The recommended tri count for wearables is 1500 tris, and yours are a little above that! Please try to reduce your geometric count in your design software and then ping me back and ill take another look :slight_smile:

Looks so amazing, crazy good job :open_mouth:

sure thing, thanks for letting me know !

@HirotoKai I believe these will work a lot of better let me know if I have to reduce them more image

Thank you approved!! :slight_smile:

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hey there! it’s possible to change the name of one item, I was completely blind and commited a small error writing the name of one of the sneakers, I wrote Neoonwave instead of Neonwave. is it possible to change it?


Yes we can change the name of the item just not the collection! to do this i will need to reject the collection and then you will be able to update!

Collection has been rejected just let me know when you are done editing:)

@Lau Forgot to tag yah!

thanks a lot @HirotoKai, done that so you can approve them again

Approved again thank you!!