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SNKR Head Avatar

I will check collection now!

for some reason avatar loads almost in bottom of the 3d preview window, make sure to remove all hidden objects / isolated vertices / etc, to avoid issues with collision in-game

model seems broken in-game, make sure to delete all bones with _end suffix

Thank you! We’ll fix it asap :slight_smile:

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Hi @theankou :slight_smile: I’ve updated the GLB model of the skin, could you check if it’s fine now? Thanks!

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looks like it’s still broken

you can check wearbales in-game, there is a button “see in-world” inside of collection

Hi @theankou ! We’ve fixed the model once again, I’ve heard from the graphics that it has been agreed with DCL already. Could you take a look once you have a moment? :slight_smile:

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marked area needs to be weight painted to 1 to hip bone

Thanks @theankou ! I uploaded a new model, is it better now?

all good now
add this categories to hiding list:

  • facial_hair
  • mask

@theankou I added “mask” to hiding list, but I can’t find “facial_hair” on the list

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collection approved!