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Hey! Can you reject this so I can swap the model for another thing?

I was able to swap the model, but I’m not able to change the rarity or rename the collection (it doesnt make sense anymore)

Hey! Any new on this? I would like just to change the name of the collection, so its not stuck with Skeleton (that I may use in another colleciton in the future). Can we change the name of the collection to “On Sale Sign”? I uploaded a new model to review

Hey @olavra.

Changing the name of the collection and the rarity of the item is not possible after the collection is published.

Ok, it is what it is. Anyway, I will just mint one for me. Not really for selling. Could you please approve?

Can you lower the tris count to reach 1K please?

Hum… I think that counter is a mess :confused:

Can you send a screenshot of the tris appearing in your wearable editor preview?

It definetly need to be a bug, cause in the first screenshot it says 1 material, but it actually have 2 materials on the for the sign, and another transparent for the text. maybe is getting the data from the old skeleton model?

Yep, that’s what i suppose is happening. In your preview shows the right amount of tris?

With all this testing of the tris and the thumbnails I end up setting the item as Mask instead of top head… need to change it. Please @Shibu dont kill me

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off with his head tho :rofl: :innocent:

@olavra Collection rejected. Please let me know when you do the changes.