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Sign Off MetaMoves

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Sign Off MetaMoves

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The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Hey! Looks great. Could you just re-do the thumbnail, its bugged in-game at the moment. Just resaving it should do the trick. Tag me when its done and I’ll approve!

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Hey! I’ve resaved, lmk if that worked!! :smiley:

Cheers! It still doesn’t want to show up. I’ve flagged to to the devs, should have an answer soon! Sorry for the trouble.

Thats alright, let me know if anything I can do!


Any update here possibly?

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Thumbnail updated again :smiley: Was told to do this, any chance we could see this published today?

Thanks Kevin! Apologies but this one is having some issues still. The dev team are looking into why the thumbnail isnt working and we’re hoping to have some answers today or tomorrow. Sorry for the hassle.

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All good, appreciate y’all digging into this!!

The devs have fixed this up and its all approved now! Thanks for your patience!