Collection 'Shroom Trip' created by Misendii#fbb2 is ready for review!

This is absolutely fantastic!

Hey @Bigglickrick!
Your item is almost ready to go. Please add a more representative thumbnail image and let me know when you are ready.

Thanks for looking at this @vrglitch Does the representative photo need to png with transparent background? or do I need to upload a thumbnail with the correct issuance color background?

Great!, transparent background. Rarity color will be added automatically.

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@vrglitch Done :white_check_mark: , Thanks for taking the time to check this today !!


Is this better @vrglitch ? :smiley: @HirotoKai

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Can someone let us know if this new thumbnail is sufficient? @Shibu @Lauretta @vrglitch @HirotoKai @Chestnutbruze

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bump for you, bump for you, and bump for you <3 @Lauretta @vrglitch @Chestnutbruze

Collection approved. Have a great day!!

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Your Wearable Looks Great! Congrats!