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Shoulder Monkey

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Shoulder monkey

Hey, gonna review now.

The model is not visible in-game. Consider reuploading.

Hi AndreusAs. Thanks for commenting - I finally found where this communication was! I attempted to re-upload, but I can’t tell if the new upload is persisting or not. Each time I go back to the editor, my accessory doesn’t appear to be moving with the avatar. However, each time I re-upload and everything works great. Is there a specific location to re-upload so that it works as intended?

Looks to me like it is fixed. Can you please take a look again? Thank you so much!

Hey, collection approved!

Just commenting to find out what is going on here? (marketplace preview)

Hey, how to reproduce this?

view it on the market place, click on the option to view it on your character.

Most likely happened because item has a huge armature. Will have normal size in game will just appear huge in preview which will be fixed soon with the new preview system!