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Shinobros Metaverse Wearable

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Shinobros Suit

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Hi! Checking collection now! :+1:

Hi! Please change thumbnail size to 1024x1024, thank you!

@theankou, did the thumbnail size standard change?
I have previously been instructed to do 512x512, so have been following this since then, was in this collection.

yes, new standard for now, there was several updates for builder, and now we can’t approve collection if thumbnail size not equal to 1024x1024

Hey @theankou, good to know. Updated.

Is there a list of these builder changes somewhere? In the documentation it still shows 256x256.

We’ve just submitted a couple different wearables, so those will all need to be updated as well.

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docs a bit outdated atm, i’m not sure when they will be updated :eyes:

collection approved!

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