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Shawar Kamees - Pink Waist Coat

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White trousers

White Kamees with Pink Waistcoat

White Kamees with waistcoat

Light brown hat

Taking a look at these now!

Just some clipping issues on both upper bodies. Also if it was intentional to have lower body for female too, waist line should be higher on female representation so there isn’t the gap shown in the picture! Let me know when youve updated!

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I’ll get on it on Monday. Thanks.

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It took a long time to figure this thing out, but it works now.

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Yeah long wearables are tricky… will check soon! Thank you for taking the time to make it work properly!

Still some weighting issues on the waist part and regarding the hat you should either hide hair or add some because some hair collide with it and for others you can see through the hat and see the flipped normals.

This is deep, lol
Anyway, how do you do that position? Ie crouch down?

It should be fixed now. Now with he had, my case is the same as the turban I did. The make the hat have internal normals, thicken it and raised it up a bit so it fits all the normal hair styles. It still doesn’t work with the extreme hair styles, like your punk, anime etc, but l didn’t want to dictated to people what types of hair styles they can have. The same as the turbans.
This should be it. Let me know

Collection approved!

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Thanks. And thanks for for the feedback and help

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Waiting for update on zed set!

We’re working on it, but the member of staff who was dealing with it has gone home. Tomorrow it will be finish tomorrow hopefully

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