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Sexy Cloths

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Sexy Cheongsam

T-back Stockings and Heels

Hi! Sorry, but i can’t approve this collection as separated pieces. Lower body is fine as separated item, but upper_body overlaps with most of pants on different animations, i think better will be if upper_body will be merged with lower_body model, so:

  1. For upper_body i recommend you to merge lower_body and upper_body models and update your first wearable collection, use upper_body category with lower_body and feet category listed in hiding list, and for second wearable collection you can leave lower_body as separated item, or change it to anything else (hair / mask / eyewear / etc)

That way you will have dress with legs as one wearable, and only legs as second wearable, that way people will have option, what to take :slight_smile:

Also, if you want model to be used on both M and F, please, adjust model for M version, right now upper_body bottom and lower_body top corners don’t match with standard male upper_body and lower_body corners. thank you!


Also, i think panties should cover back a bit more, and on dress, please add something like bra

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Hi! Any updates on collection? :slightly_smiling_face: