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Seraphim Wings

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Seraphim Wings

  • Description: Seraphim Wings
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: eyewear

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Here are some images to show how it looks in the test server.
The third image is a close up of the feather texture

Hi! Checking collection now!

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Hi! Please, reduce model scale according to this limits, right now wings waaaay big, thank you!!

Also, change category to top_head and add “eyewear” to hiding list

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Hi theankou. Thanks for posting the dimension boundaries, I wasn’t sure where to find this.

I’ve updated the wing sizes, set to top_head, and rechecked all the animations. I’ve also taken the opportunity to update the uv map to widen the feathers.

Thank you

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add “eyewear” to hiding list, please :slight_smile:

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Updated eyewear to hidden.

To be on the safe side, I double checked on the test server to make sure it was also the most recent file upload. I had a few iterations to review updates to the UV map, I thought I hid eyewear each time.

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Hi! thank you! add this categories to hiding list too… :sweat_smile:

  • tiara
  • mask
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Hi theankou.

Updated to hide tiara and mask.

If I want to make a helmet to pair with the wings, would helmet or hat still work with this if I hide the tiara and mask?

At first, I had a tiara and hair design I was thinking of making separately that goes with this, maybe I’ll combine them as a hat.


yes, you can add helmet or hat and then change category to hat / helmet
if hat, make sure to add hair with AvatarHair_MAT material name

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cool. Those will be for a separate wearable later since I’ll make separate hairs for men and women.

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i can approve this collection, right? you won’t push any updates that will changhe model a lot?

correct, this collection is ready on my side.

collection approved!

Awesome! Thanks for your time reviewing this!

hi @theankou , I’d like to make an update to the artwork on this wearable. mesh and weights are the same. Thank you

Hi! What was changed?

Hi @theankou , the image texture and uv map have been updated for the feathers.



collection re-approved!