Collection 'Secret Driver Club Drop #1' created by SecretDriver is ready for review!

Secret Driver Club Drop #1

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Secret Driver Racing Suit #3

Secret Driver Racing Suit #2

Secret Helmet #1

Secret Helmet #3

Secret Helmet #2

Secret Driver Club Hoodie #1

Secret Driver Racing Suit #1

Secret Driver Club Tee #1

Will check these soon!

Hey, just make all helmets double sided or cover the hole so its not invisible from the bottom and fix the clipping issue on hoodie and tshirt for female version and i can approve asap!

@Yannakis it’s ok now, can you check please ?
Thank you for your patience :smile:

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Only thing left is to add female representations on hoodie and tshirt to avoid the clipping.

Hello @Yannakis can we approve the collection while waiting the right t-shirt?

Have you updated the wearables to fix the issues?

Yes all of them except the tee shirt

Please update tshirt too so i can approve. Very easy fix just import a female base mesh and adjust height and size

@Yannakis it’s ok now
thank you :slight_smile:

@Yannakis can we approve now ?

Still clipping issues on female version of tshirt. Please adjust the height, use the current as male representation and then add an adjusted version as female representation

@Yannakis sorry for this errors.

it should be ok now

Looks completely deformed now

seems to be ok now
thank you so much @Yannakis

Now you removed the male representation. You must upload the male version and choose male body type (first option) and once you upload you can click the 3 dots and select “add female representation”

@Yannakis is it ok now ? Sorry again

Yes i can see both version now uploaded correctly. Still needs some weighting on both versions to avoid clipping and clipping

@Yannakis last try, if it’s not good we will delete the tee from the collection because we have to drop the collection in 3 hours…

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If you want drop me the file to help you with it!

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