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(Ruyi-Jingu) Red neck armour

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Consider changing the category of the wearable to Helmet. It may also be a good idea to update the Hides category with Hair.

  2. Max. available tris count for a helmet is 1500. Cinsider optimizing the model.

  3. There seem to be problems with the werabale in game. Check if the bone hierarchy has extra bones and remove them, check the skinning and re-upload the file.


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I have fixed it please check again AndreusAs#3991

  1. I would like to create this as a accessories since I will have another piece in a future as a helmet so it can be a full set. Could it be possible?

  2. I have downsize tris to minimum at 6476 could it be possible but file size is not exceed 1mb limit.

  3. I have remove and extra bone already.

Looking forward for your feedback, If there’s any point that I have to adjust please let me know.

Thank you.


  1. You can chnage the category to mask, then.

  2. The max amount of tris for a mask is 500.


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I have fixed it please check again

  1. May I change the category to hair since I want more tris.
  2. I have downsize tris to 1486.
    Thank you.


  1. It will be a misleading category that way.
  2. 500 tris for a mask is the maximum. You can hide hair with your item, and it will be ok to have 1500 tris.


Update part of the mask But hide the hair part, right?

Yep, that’s right. Will check soon.

I will wait
Thank you :pray: :pray:

Hey, collection approved!

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