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Glowing glasses

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello checking this now


  • Item is not rigged to the main skeleton
  • Reduce tris count to max 500 for accessories
    Let me @ know here when you are done :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen Good morning. Wishing you well.

Please review this duplicate item (it was modified)

and this tweet.

A large group of the community discussed taking an active role in offering non-official support in matters of this nature in a recent Lastraum Community Building twitter Spaces. As we know that due to the volume of submissions, you can’t possibly see everything. Cheers and may you have a blessed day.


Thanks a lot for pointing this out @Frank !
@wallally please change the wearable design.

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You are most welcome @fabeeobreen. We are stronger together, and the community fully supports you curators and your efforts. =)

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Pls don’t just upload things from sketchfab ty


Hi fabeeobreen, sorry for the late reply, I am new to this, what should I do now? Can I change the color or directly need to change the model?@fabeeobreen

Hello @seaweedfuture ,
You should try to create something original: you can even change category and create a total different wearable. Only thing you cannot change is the collection name.
Use one of your own design, 3D model and shading.
Let me know here @ when you are ready!