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Seamm × Cunnington & Sanderson

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Pillow Dress

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! :slight_smile:

  • remove everythin from “replace” , add ‘lowerbody’ to hides.
  • Check normals: some are flipped in the lower , please add some back geometry to the chest part in order to avoid any see-through (see images)
    Let me @ know here when you are done!

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hi @fabeeobreen
Thank you for your feedback :raised_hands:
The model is updated

Hello @MakunaPotata !

  • Still same problem with normals, see images.
    You can check you wearables in-game: where you will be able to see flipped normal easily.
    To do that follow this video at 1:36 . The process is the same but you will use Goerli insted of Ropsten net.
    Decentraland: How to Submit Wearables to the DCL Forum for Approval - YouTube

  • Avoid holes, if you need more tris: you can use up to 3000 triangles since you hiding the lowerbody.

hi @fabeeobreen
The model is updated.
Please review it again :pray:

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Collection approved! @MakunaPotata

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Thank you so much! :raised_hands: