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Seamm × Alexandra Moura vol.2

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Alexandra Moura Skirt

Alexandra Moura Portal bomber

Alexandra Moura Hoodie

Alexandra Moura Box cardigan

hey i will check this now

Hi here are a few points to touch up on;

  • the legs clip through the skirt when running,

  • On the Bomber, there is a weighting issue on the neckline. when running it clips over its self on the female version

  • The cardigan has some issues with the armature. Make sure there are no bones with “end” in its name in your armature. If there are some, you can delete them and reupload the model

Tag me once you have fixed these issues and ill take another look for you

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi @Sango !
Thank you for your feedback. New models with updates are uploaded.
Please review them again :pray:

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This collection has been approved