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Seamm Pride

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Seamm Pride T-shirt

hey i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Could you send proof of rights to use the Seamm IP to please?

please also adjust the weighting on the hips of the male version to avoid the slight clipping that is occurring

Hi @Sango
Thank you for review! Uploaded new models. Please review it.
I will also clarify about the document confirming IP - earlier we published all collections without it and we also have name Seamm in DCL.

@Sango hi!
Can you provide more information what kind of proof are you requesting? We created this collection by from scratch and we have our own name in DCL with it, and we don’t use any other names in this collection.
You also can find info about us on our website
This collection holds a special significance for us as we’re using it to show support for Pride month through our unique digital asset in our app.

Hi you just need to send proof that the seamm IP is your own or you have the rights to be using it. send what you can to do that and if they need anything else they will let you know. Thanks

hi @Sango
We’ve sent a doc to legal. Waiting for your approval :raised_hands:
Models are ok?

Yes, legal have got back saying all is good. This collection has been approved

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