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Scuba Diver

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Scuba Diving Googles

Scuba Diving Suit

Scuba Diving Fins

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A small video for demo purposes. This time I wont create the promotional video until its approved :slight_smile:


Yo, this is so good! Love the set, Olavra.

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Thank you Archonomous!!

Just in case the bug is still there:

Suit (replaces upper and lower body)



This is amazing work!!! nice job!!! @olavra

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super cool, great work!

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Thank you!! Hopefully gets approved soon… :innocent:

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I was impressed when I saw this in Market place. I was surprised to find this passes build criteria, over 4000 trigs and 3 materials and 3 textures. Was this allowed because it also overrides the lower body?
Current criteria is 1500 trigs for a wearable and 2 materials/2 textures.

I’m trying to understand how far can we push the limits for quality.