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Scary Outfit

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Scary Hood

Hi! I will check this collection

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remove helmet from replacing list

add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring
  • eyewear
  • hat
  • mask
  • facial hair
  • tiara

Done! I just went into the link to editor and saved it there @theankou

Something wrong with wearable in-game
You can test wearable in-game by going to collection hit three dots - see in-world

Hey, not sure if I was able to fix it, I am not able to see in world.

It was not parented to the bone or weighted. Fix that now its working with the rigging> Screen capture - 1dff22e77c8b9bc550a65a3dc8b2259e - Gyazo

Let me know if it works! @theankou

works now, but hiding categories is missing

Fixed those @theankou

collection approved!

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