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SaTVerse Wearables

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EY Gray Hat

EY Yellow Sneakers

EY Hoodie Black

Hey, can u please push a small change like an additional tag? Cant see these in the curation tab atm

Hi Yannakis. Tags have been added to each item

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hoodie has to be adjusted a bit on female to minimise the clipping shown in the picture.
Shoe design has to be altered because its a default dcl shoe in a yellow color instead of blue

Thanks, Yannakis. These have been resubmitted

Hey, some clipping on female for the hoodie. Needs to be adjusted to female waist height and uploaded as female representation of the wearable. Theres a weighting issue with the shoes. Make sure they are weighted to the same armature youve used for the rest of wearables and please confirm its an original design.

@Yannakis resubmitted female hoodie and sneaker

can confirm sneaker is original

Please reduce the triangle count to be closer to the 1500 tris limit

@Yannakis i believe its now fixed.

Hey, still same issue with clipping on female version of hoodie and the normals on one shoe are flipped

@Yannakis re-uploaded sneakers and hoodie. Fingers crossed this is the one!

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Collection approved!