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Samsung House Of Sam Team Galaxy

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Samsung Jacket TeamGalaxy

hi can you go into the editor to get it pushed to the curators tab please

The collection has been assigned to Sango

model is all good, could you send proof of rights to use the samsung IP to

Hi, I don’t see “the curators tab”… Do you have a print? I’m looking for, but I don’t see.

you wont see it, sometimes the models dont get pushed to the curators if you leave the page after submitting it too fast. if you go into the editor (which you have done) it fixes it and sends it automatically.

the model has been checked over, i just need you to send the message to legal for me to be able to move forward and approve the collection

I changed the model, edit the name… I included tags… and nothing about curators tab

if you dont have rights to use the IP then you will have to create a new collection as you can not change the collection name

I already requested from Samsung to send the email.

okay than all you need to do is wait for legal to let me know if they are okay with what you submit then i can approve the collection

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Sango, I have a question about skin category… We want to submit a outfit with suit and pants together. We can use the skin for this or the category need to be upperbody ?
It’s possible a skin that not change the avatar’s head/hair ?

i would suggest to use the upperbody category and add lower body to the hide list. this will enable you to make an item that is a full 3 piece suit, for example, and have the ability to keep the head, hear and ability to change shoes

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Hi Sango, are you ok? Samsung already sent the email

Hi Sango. Good morning! The email arrived?

This collection has been approved

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