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RZRblock Hackathon 2022

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RZRblock Hackathon Tee 2022

This was our first time making a wearable! We’re hoping to use it to demo our hackathon project next week. Let us know if we need to make any changes :smiley:

Heya. Checking this out now!

Nice stuff. Just need to fix this issue on the wrists. It may be a texture problem? See screenshot below

I’d recommend uploading a custom Thumbnail too so you can frame the t shirt better. Not necessary though.


Sounds good - I’ll play around with it to fix it :smile:

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The weird wrists issue is fixed! I tried a few other t-shirt models from KJ Walker’s resources, but saw similar wrist marks with the female representations. Then when I added “Upper Body” to the “Replaces” section the little marks went away! Let us know if we need to change anything else. Thanks!

Great! Thanks for the update. All approved!

Thanks a ton! We’ll let everyone know how the hackathon goes :smiley:

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