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Red Leather Rock Pants


The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

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Thank you very much!

Hey, collection approved!

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Thank you so very much!

@AndreusAs Had to push an update changing the name of the material. it was attached to the skin tone still and changed colors according to that. It no longer does that. Corrected the name. Please Push the changes :slight_smile:

bump diddly bump bump @AndreusAs

@michi @grimey anyone out there that can push these changes?

If @AndreusAs hasn’t replied by tomorrow I’ll have a quick look~

Journal entry #4

It’s been 84 years since I’ve heard from captain @AndreusAs . Rations are getting low, and the crew has low morale. They were excited when I read them the letter from @mich yesterday. But today, Willy caught Dysentery and died. It was pretty horrific to see what Dysentery can do to the human body. They never taught me that in science class. I had to pretend like it wasn’t anything in front of everyone. But, it’s hard when I’m just a kid trapped in an adult’s body. So, I just made up a story and told them he went to gather wood. I feel like they were suspicious when I came back all huffy puffy and sweaty from hiding the body. I Hope no one else catches it before @michi shows up and saves the day. I am optimistic, but there is a funny tingly feeling in my yummy tummy. will update again tomorrow.


My fondest @Roustan , I spend only my waking moments wishing for your safety on this jounrey.
I’ve looked back on our times together and found the jeans seem to be skin colour and hard to see on darker shades. Is this true what I see?

Builder does not do justice to what I see. Can you confirm the desired effect?
Let me know post haste!

AGH! I must’ve uploaded the original file for the male. Fixed now. SHOULD be good to go. Please Push Changes. Thank you @michi

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Thanks bae, this is all approved~~~
Sorry for the delay. I’ve just assigned this to me @AndreusAs so it’s easier to find on the curation side. If needed feel free to assign back if needed~

Feel free to reach out @Roustan for any further support!

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Thank you so much @michi

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Hey guys, sorry for being absent! Was unexpectedly taken away by my full-time job to a no-Internet land :slight_smile: Thanks, @michi , for taking this over!


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Hi @AndreusAs and @michi I made one small adjustment to the male pants. Female is untouched. Please Push changes. Thank you :slight_smile:

Might be up to you again @michi

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All good~

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LOL thank you @michi !

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@AndreusAs or @michi I made some weighting corrections to the pants. Please push changes :slight_smile: thank you