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Did you manage to get the sign off from EA for this obvious Plumbob? They own the IP. Such a fun idea, won’t go far without it though 🥲

Who says this is a plumbob? Are you sure it is the same geometric shape?

Yes, it’s very obviously a Sims plumbob. The shape, colors, being top of head. It’s actually trademarked and you can’t use it without permission. You could always contact EA’s licensing department and lay out what you’d like to do. They’ll let you know if it’s something you can use it for.

This collection may have IP issues, please provide written consent by EA to proceed with this design or reformulate your proposal. Please email to reconfirm that the NFT/wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.
Thank you

Ok. So I wasn’t able to get permission from EA. I’ve changed the wearable for a different concepto. Could you please check again?