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Hello! checking this now

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  • ALEXA-JIN: Please reduce tris number to 1500 , the bra has a little clipping with the skin when the charcater is moving

  • CRYSTAL-JIN: Hide “feet” in the editor or reduce tris number to 1500.
    Update the male representation (hips height is different)
    Check hips weight, ther’s some clipping (see images)
    Can you paint some color under the skirt as underwear?

  • AMBER-JIN: Good to go!

Also check if you want to add any description and tags :slight_smile:
Let me know when you are ready,

Hey! We have updated the wearables. Could you check them out?

Re the description/tags:

description: horns for your ROLE PLAY
tags: head, hat, hair, cap, horns, bleached, roots, ombre, balayage, tattoo, makeup, anime

Upper Body:
description: protect yourself from the streets
tags: hands, gloves, nails, red, blood, cigarette, smoke, ring, diamond, flowers, pattern, bra, breast, chest, leopard, tattoo, chain, gold, logo

Lower Body:
description: heels, meels, whatever
tags: legs, skirt, belt, garter, leather, logotype, panties, boots, heals, flowers, pattern, nails, red, blood, zebra

Hey @cwetek !

  • Hair and Upper body are good to go.
  • Lowerbody (Crystal) : Please add “feet” as hides or reduce the tris number to 1500.
    @ let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:

Hey @fabeeobreen , we are ready!

Hey @cwetek Collection approved :slight_smile:

Hey @fabeeobreen , we’ve added some changes to the descriptions (to be precise, the previous version had some typos). Could you approve the collection once again?

Hey @cwetek collection has been disabled, makes your update and let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:

Hey @fabeeobreen , done!

@cwetek collection approved!

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Hey @fabeeobreen , sorry for double update. It seems we still have some text changes. Will you be able to review them today/tomorrow? So we can push for a review.

@cwetek collection is been disabled.
Make your change and let me know when i can approve this again.
Please double check before approvation.

@fabeeobreen amazing, thank you! From our side, everything is ready now, you can approve.

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