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Rock And Roll - VV

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** Rock ‘n’ roll**

Will review this now!

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Hey, just a couple flipped normals and gaps to fix. Please display both version on thumbnail

Hi! I fixed it. Let me know if i need to check anything else, thanks!

Still a couple of flipped normals

I made some changes, hope this time will be ok! thanks for your attention

Collection approved!

Hi @Yannakis hope you are well! I made a updates to these wearables. i see it in “under review” how can i know when it will be ready to sell again?

Hey! Can you please point out the changes made? Also it should still be on sale. under review means that the changes havent been pushed yet and wearable will be updated once changes are approved!

Hey yannakis! I only adjust the texture en 2 or 3 faces. (Arms) I will take photos tomorrow to submit here. Ty!!


Awesome, approved the changes