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Rob Hill Hoodie

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Rob hill hoodie

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  • There’s a little hole in the hand part, check normals
  • Check hips skin weights, it’s not bad but there’s some little clipping with lower body
  • Check neck skin weights: you want to avoid any disconnection from upperbody (check clap animation)
  • Can you reduce textures amount to 2?
    Let me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

Hey there @fabeeobreen ! this is Yultek, our resident 3d designer. Ive rebuilt the hoodie with both a male and female version. Will they need to be uploaded from Anniestardusters account or can i drop the links here?

just reuploaded a male and female version - should be good to go. thank you

Hello @irlart @Yultek
Wearable is not showing ingame: probably it’s rigged to the wrong armature.
Use this files: Wearable Reference Models - Google Drive