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RGB Rocket V2

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LFG Rocket


I know he put a ton of work into this! Approve!!! lol

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This is so dope. I can’t wait to see this in game. Please approve asap.

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This is miscategorized, you either need to add something to the top of the head if you want to use the top_head category, or you can make the rocket part of the upper_body

I have noticed tiara has been used for wings and other wearables. Is it acceptable to use that category? I wish there was a “back” category for backpacks, wings and such. Maybe i’ll recommend if it has been suggested yet in the community. I updated to tiara just now incase that is acceptable for approval.

No sorry, unless there is something actually around the tiara area, or top_head area it won’t be accepted. What some have done is use top_head for wings, and then they added horns or something to the top of the head. I suggest you do this currently as we have no category for back right now

I added a hoodie and selected the upper body category.

Hey, that’s great :+1:

But the max triangle cap for upper body is 1500, if you get it to around 1800-1900 I think it should be okay though. And maximum 3 materials (2 mats + default skin mat) and maximum 3 textures (2 custom + default skin texture)

Ok, sorry about that! I spent most of the day getting the tri count down and merging the texture/materials down to 3 each. Thanks for working with me on this and the for fast replies!

Great, looks better

I noticed the female representation is clipping through the default pants however, I should have seen this previously but I missed it. But that is the final edit you need to make

Great catch! It is my first time uploading for a male and female separately and I didn’t realize i could upload a male first then a female representation, but I got it figured out with some help. I uploaded and it is ready for you.

Great, approving it now :+1:

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