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Renaissance Angel by Rene Makela

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Renaissance Angel by Rene Makela

Hello how is it going? is there any updates for that reviewing? vrglitch

Hello, what IS the ETA to review that collection? :frowning: Que are waiting for It to do an event and we are now a litle blocked. THX a million

Hey sorry about the long wait, i will review this shortly

Hey, one thing you have to fix first.

You should either make a female version or remove the female version, this seems to be a male only wearable so I guess you will remove it.

okey!!! thanks for that, i am changing it right now

I already made that change, only for male, ready for review :slight_smile: thanks!! @Chestnutbruze

Hey @Chestnutbruze , seems that i cant edit the item i dont know why, i uploaded again the model, set to only male, rarity legendary, and part upper body and it seems that made the edit. if i do that the save button doesn’t apear in the builder so i tried to set an option in overrides, then the button to save appears, i clicked, change the override to null again and press save again but when i go back and refresh the page, the collection still has the unisex icon. i need help with that… its too many time for that review and collectors are impatient. Thanks A Million

Hey there was an issue with the builder, but now a fix was just deployed and I can see the wearable has been updated. So I approved it :+1: