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Reindeer Body

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Reindeer Body

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Hi everyone,

I hope you all like my reindeer. It is published in two parts, head and body. Here you can see the other part: Collection ‘Reindeer’ created by 0xc951…f2b3f is ready for review! - Community Wearables - Decentraland.

@Malloy here you have the body, thanks again :blush: :ok_hand:


Here you have some pictures of the body and head end result : )

Hey, looks good :+1:

I only see one issue, the arm clips with the scarf when the avatar raises it. it would be better if the scarf followed the movement, so i suggest to adjust the skinning a little bit

Hey @Chestnutbruze, thanks for the feedback, fixed :wink:.
It was quite challenging :sweat_smile:

CC: @Chestnutbruze
Hi @guiferja95 I took over curation and approved both of your split collections for the reindeer. In the future can you be more accomodating of scale. The head is rather large but as it fits the body I’ve accepted it this one time but in future will probably be denied based on x,y,z constraints coming to the wearable guide soon.

Many thanks! Approved!