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Reid Wrath

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Bone Letterman


This is a collaboration between Reid who created this Jacket and the “Cryptanthropy Wearables of Kindness” funding program. We have more funding spots available, check out the website. Decentraland — Cryptanthropy


Wow this is fire!! Love that it’s subtle and not over the top like a lot of glowing models are. Can’t wait to rock this!!


Man o man this is just what we needed something clean not too over the top and just functional! I am so so happy to see content like this making its way into DCL! I wanna say a HUUUUGE thank you to the creator @reidwrath this man is going to go places I can feel it and you all should too!


first wearable, millions more to come LFGGG

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what a beautiful clothes but the color is not suitable.

Looks great in world!

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Hey Intern#882c! Check the hips part of the wearable because is clipping with pants when doing an animation.


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Hello Shibu, this was a collaboration between our wearables of kindness program and the designer named Reid Wrath. Unfortunately this person has abandoned the project and after a great deal of time, emails, DMs and deleted twitter page I am going to have to move forward with this wearable on my own. I have modified the jacket to work with both male and female now and have fixed the clipping issues. I have also changed the materials, added a collar and changed the necklace. I believe this wearable is now ready for approval. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for shooting me a message @Cryptanthropy , this must have been lost in the forum!

I don’t think @shibu will mind me having a look, the mesh looks updated and doesn’t seem to have any issue.
This is all approved~~~