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Redbee Wearable

I will check collection now

overlap with standard pants \ legs needs to be fixed (female)

do you have IP rights for redbee brand name and logo? please provide them to team

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! We have just upload the new models, can you please check again? Regarding the IP, I will generate a document with redbee signature and share it with you. Is that enough?

I cant do anything with IP things, you should contact with

Wearable model is ok now :slight_smile:

Hey there! How are you doing? The wearable still appears “under review” and I have already sent an email to legals about IP rights. Can you please help me?


The collection has been assigned to theankou

I will let you know when i’ll get response from legal team, currently they’re not answering to me :\

Thanks! Please let me know!

Guys, please need to move forward with this wearable. Has been more than a week without response

Still no response from legal, sorry

Guys, how are you? Please need an update on this development.

@collections please need an update on this!

Hi! I’ve got response from legal, looks like they don’t received any mail

Hey, what s the correct email? cause I ve sent it to

yup, thats right address

@collections @theankou can you please provide your mail so that I can put in CC + some specific legal email to where I can send this email? Cause has been already 24 days since first publication.
Need priority on this case, please help me!