Collection 'Rare Weed Wings by Kandy Girl' created by KandyGirl#1b48 is ready for review!

Soooo not only dose this fit my name as Moonijuana42 (Moon Grass) but if you look at my collection, iv never had one of these XD. I also favorite all the artwork my favorite artist create, retweet, and promote to expand the growing DCL community. I go above and beyond the call in almost all cases and would be honored to style these wings :smiley:

Hi I’m new to this space. I just jumped in to learn. This POAP would be a dope start

Yea these wings roxxx…faxxxxss

Nice to have another set of wings

To be the person who is high while flying high

Very cool design of the dress! Crazy to be able to use!

Imaginative and distinctive wings

these look fun, however they are too high on polycount for an accesory try to reduce them to half and I will approve them @KandyGirl420

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let me know when you do it

OMG!!! If it’s not the best wearable, it’s one of the best wearables I’ve ever seen in my life, I’d like to get one, to show off to my friends the plant I have on my back, xd

It has been done. Can you please check party starts in 2 hours

These wearables have lost their gold color and are now appearing all white. Is there any way to fix this?

hello @KandyGirl420 due to the category of this wearable (Tiara) I have to ask you to modify it to add a Tiara or something that makes reference to that kind of wearable (crown, halo…) together with the wings, this will have to be with all the wings. Please let me know when you make this changes and I will reapprove this wearable and the rest too