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Rainbow Budman

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Budman rainbow

hello checking this now

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@fabeeobreen @Sango
I have top head not hidden because i am trying to allow wearables such as auras or wings or ice poker wearables to show up like the feather or pipe or stars or joker babble. currently all my wearables have this hidden when they dont even come in contact with it they float around it… ive been tryying to update the others for over 2 months to unhide top of head. really dont want to limit what can be seen as its a big turn off for others and my self that have marijuana themed wearables that get hidden if you put my head on ive been asked to unhide by many people who have the head . is there anyway i can just change the size and have it pass? or is hide top head a absolute must

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@fabeeobreen the size has been changed smaller let me know if that is sufficient or if i have to hide top head or if i can leave visible please.

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