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R·G YEARning Cloak

R·G YEARning Pants

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Love this set! Really cool~

Awesome collection!. Both items are having some issues with other wearables. Please adjust waist vertices to be at the suggested height
Take into consideration that both representations have different hips height so you will need to make 2 representations (female and male) for each item (upper and lower body).

Please use reference models.



Thank you!

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Thanks for your reply and your recommendations. About this question“Take into consideration that both representations have different hips height so you will need to make 2 representations (female and male) for each item (upper and lower body).” I do not really understand. Could you please explain more? Many thanks and looking forward to hearing you soon.

Many thanks michi!!!

Hey! sure.
You will need to make 2 different models for each item.
1 upper body / Female
1 upper body / Male
1 lower body / Female
1 lower body / Male

This is because upper body and lower body intersections are at different height for female and male.


In order to precisely do this you will need to download male and female reference models and adjust your intersection vertices to be at the same position as the reference.

Once you are done with all your models,
1/ inside the wearable tool, go to your collection
2/ click on the item name

3/ add representation

Thank you!

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Dear vrglitch,

I have submitted the revised version. But when I tried to submit the female version I found that our web page looks like different. So I’m still not sure how to submit the female version. Really sorry~Looking forward to hearing you


Hey @DigiFun , I think its because you have submitted the same model for both representations. You will need to upload the model again and assign it to one of the representations. Then you should be able to add the other representation.

Hi vrglitch,

Thank you very much for your patience. I’ve understand and submitted the female version. Please check ~

Female representation is not showing, please check if its correctly weighted to the armature and upload your models again.
Thank you!!


Hi vrglitch,

I tried many times to submit the female presentation, but it still not showing. I will find out the problem after this collection. So I decided to make this collection only for man presentation. Please approve it . Many thanks~


Hey sure! have you try this procedure? Collection 'R·G' created by 0x17a6...a0952 is ready for review! - #6 by vrglitch

Hi vrglitch, yes I did try this procedure. But I don’t know why my female presentation is not showing. So maybe this collection I only upload male version and after this when I do a new collection I will find out the problem.

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Your item has been approved. Thank you!

Hi Vrglitch, we are a team of designers from the London College of Fashion and we are very excited to share our designs on decentraland. We hope to bring more interesting designs to share with all participants in decentraland soon! Since this is the first time we do this, we still don’t understand a lot. So thank you very much for your careful guidance! Next we will register our Twitter and Instagram accounts, looking forward to have more communications in the future!

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Wow that’s awesome!! looking forward to see your designs. Let me know if you need any technical guidance regarding your upcoming wearables. Keep going, this collection is really great!!!

@vrglitch hello, sorry to bather you again. I just want to try to change the collection’s name and add female role. I don’t know if it work or not. Thank you very much.

Hey @momo , currently VRGlitch isn’t active atm but i’m happy to help!
You can’t change collection name or rarity becasue it’s minted to the blockchain but you can add female representation. Any update is a request for the approval process again so just tag me in a comment and I can have a look~

Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

@michi thank you for your help. then I just need add female representation.thank you very much.

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd