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Quantum Fighter Shoes!

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**Quantum Fighter Shoes! **


"The planet “Flageolet” was ruled by humans with connected brains that centralized power in their hands. While the inhabitants did not have any connected brains. The Quantum Dictator had control over the administration of taxation and money which was his monopoly. Thus, he made reign a totalitarian world where the soldiers behind were subject to his authority because corrupted in exchange for the computing power of their connected brains.

The quantum fighters have come at the behest of the Grand Chouxx, a power fighter to help him liberate the planet. They managed to fend off the threat, but for how long? The planet to find a semblance of tranquility, they are now the keepers of peace and campaign for non-violence, respect and courtesy, for shared computing power, so that the planet never falls back into the hands of quantum dictatorship…"

hi i will review this collection for you now

The shoes are clipping on themselves.

could you fix this?

Hey @Sango,

Thanks for reviewing the Quantum Shoes !

We tried to fix the clipping, is it better now ?



collection has been approved! :slight_smile:

Do u know why it doesnt appear on the store ? I only see a blue background @Sango


im not sure, you can upload a new thumbnail and ill approve the update if you like

I just did it two times, the last one is the good one JPG format @Sango, but the problem is that even the preview is not working :frowning:

hope it will fix the problem

You can see it here :

please upload a png 256x256 with transparent background as a thumbnail

Thanks for the quick reply @Sango, i just uploaded a png with transparant backround 256X256. Is that good now?

please @Sango can u look at it

all looks fine to me :slight_smile: