Collection 'PUFFER' created by NUNCHUCKNABEE is ready for review!

@theankou male and female representations for the pants are updated and I checked to make sure the body borders connect seamlessly. Let me know what you think and if it’s ready for approval :slight_smile:

Looks great now! However, there is some weight paint issues now.
Something wrong with hip part weight paint

Upper Leg Part and Bottom Leg Part should have better angle weight paint (smooth), right now upper leg part around knee weight painted too hard

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Also, border part of pants vertices should have set 1 to hip bone, right now it’s not :slight_smile:


@theankou I have updated the pants files. Let me know what you think

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Looks awesome! Can’t wait for the approval!

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Pants Ok :+1:

But there is something wrong with helmet weights :slight_smile: I recommend you to set all helmet vertices to 1 on head bone

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@theankou I have updated the mask as you requested

Thank you! Collection Approved! (I will approve it in near 15-30 minutes)

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@theankou please reapprove! I noticed an issue with the thumbnail pics, updating the thumbnail is all I did :slight_smile:

hi, thank you, i will re-approve collection in near time :slight_smile: (1-2 hours)

Collection re-approved!