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Slow Dance

Hi, the emote works just fine locally, and in the In-World Previewer, but the Builder is (again) having issues. I think it doesn’t understand Euler Angles in the animation keys, I can try going back everywhere and setting those to Quaternions instead, but at this point I’m hoping this can be tagged as yet another bug with the builder.
There is a small issue with the ankles going under the floor on some of the steps of the dance, which I still intend to fix, but since this must be submitted today for the event on Wednesday, I wanted to get the process started, and to see if there may be yet other issues to address (hopefully not :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hey @ProteanProductions will check collection now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @ProteanProductions ,
Emote is working in game but not in builder: there are some technical issue that may cause this behaviour please take a look:

Since emote is working in game we can approve it before your event, but you will need to check it later.
Please let me know what’s your preference.


Hi @fabeeobreen, there is a few more days till the event, I can have a look still, the wearable just needed to be registered today for the event’s administrative process.
I tried to import this animation from Unity, and through the tinkering process ended up with this rig. It looks like it has bones in Blender, but I never checked the resulting glb file indeed. And I didn’t register that it had gone up to 600 frames :sweat_smile:

  • Baking emote keys before export would help.

You mean by using the Sampling Rate ?

I will try to see if I can transfer the animation data to this rig. But…

Where… where… where in the documentation is the link to this file ?? This is the very first time I even hear about its existence. It would have been so useful to be able to start with that !

  • I mean baking keyframes: in blender > pose > animation > bake action
  • The blender rig link is under “Getting started” of “Creating emote” documentation: Creating Emotes | Decentraland Documentation

Yes, I see it now. But there is nothing announcing it as an actual file to download, the way the page is set up it looks just like an anchored header for the section which is about to begin, regarding the kind of rigging used in Decentraland…
It doesn’t look at all like it is worth clicking on it :confounded:
I suppose I’ll look into creating a pull request for making that bit a lot more clear

Ok I set the export settings as per the instructions in Avatar_File.blend (and the fps to 30), and the emote is showing up fine in the Builder now \â—Ż/

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Collection approved! :slight_smile: