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Prince Chiu Skin

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Prince Chiu

Hi i will review this now

Thank you for the help!

The collection has been assigned to Sango

all looks good, can you send proof of permission to be using the Yahoo IP to

Hi Sango,
Yes sure,
I will send out the permission to email you provide tomorrow, thank you.
May I ask,
There will be 5 more skin and wearable item related to yahoo coming up.
Can we send out all the premission in once so later on it will be smoother for collection review?
I will layout all the premissions, items/Collection going to upload in the email and send to
is this sounds good to you?
Thank you!

You can do it that way yes, i will not be able to approve this till it is received though.

Hi Sango, I’ve sent the email inculding the premission letter to
please check when you free, thank you!
the email title is call "about Collection ‘Prince Chiu Skin’ and future wearable "

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This collection has been approved