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Premium Bath Water

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Bath Water

  • Description: Could it really be bioluminescent?
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Thats so iconic! Def would buy


This was my first wearable! Thank You!

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Is there a way to change the creator to me?

I’ll review this now~

Hey just checking this @Clammy it looks like two of the same item has been published. We dont allow multiple of the same item to be published onto the marketplace so if you can update that, it would be awesome~

Currently there’s some funny business around the neck. You can see it’s sitting a bit strange, if you can review the weighting I can re-review once updated!


Thank you~

Every time I delete it it returns i dont know why

I think because it was published, you paid for two wearables so maybe update the second one to be another design!

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If I change the color of the shirt and text would that be enough with the corrected errors in the shoulder?

Yeah, if you update the colours I can review again and approve~

Thank you! for the help!

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Updates to the Bath water have been completed. Working on another collection item for the second piece will have that done soon! Thank you

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Let me know when it’s updated and I’ll review :slight_smile:

Hello sir, My collection is ready for review

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Hey just reviewed the updates and the wings are so cool! I would recommend saying it’s top head or hat possibly due to the placement of the crown.

Currently there’s still some strange vertacies poking from the back when you run.
Let me know when this is updated and I’ll re-review!

Hello sir! I have made some corrections to the bath water!

The wings are okay right?

I noticed another error sir! I’m sorry fixing again!

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So sorry for the late reply, I was collecting water from the spring!
There seems to be an issue with builder, can you try uploading the wings again and I’ll approve~ thank you!