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Portion - Digital Space

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To The Moon Boots

Shiba Odyssey 2121

**Digital Space Outfit **


OH MY GOD :fire: :sunglasses: LEtS go to Space!!

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Huge S/O to @michi for this AMAZING collaboration!! :fire:


Hey DCL FAM, I worked on this collection and will just go through some of the specs.
This collection is inspired by science fiction references~

Moon Boots are two textures:
Texture One: Base UV
Texture Two: Glow

Shiba helmet are two textures, let me know if hat should be turned off. I wasnt sure since most caps work but other funny ones clip. I thought thats ok but happy to change for approval if required!

Texture One: Base UV
Texture Two: Glow/Transparency

Space Outfit is two texture:
Texture One: Base Texture
Texture Two: Glow

Thank you so much and let me know if I need to update anything or any changes for approval! :cloud: :pray:


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michi going crazy with the mirror theme! love it!


DANGER, DECENTRALAND !! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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:100: He went CRAZY for sure with this one!! :boom:

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Amazing totally loved it :heart_eyes:

I NEED this!!! <3 Outstanding job again Michi!

Hey If its not a problem I will review this space suit @michi

this looks so cool, how do i get these?

@michi thanks for your patience approved

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That was so quick! Thank you!